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ARK Server Online!

Xirez Admin posted Jul 6, 15

And so, our own ARK:Survival Evolved server is now online!

Deleyed by almost a week as i was trying to use a broken host service, but is now sorted when i went for a new service provider!

So let the taming, building, exploring and PvP begin! :D
(See the server page for everything you need to join).

We are also planing to host different types of events:
Arena matches, players and dino games.
XP weekends(more like 12h events) when we have a more stable player base.
And more ideas are to come!

Server rules:
Dont block off cave entrys, it will be removed by GM commands and not refunded.
Feel free to build around the area tho, just make sure it does not block of other players/tribes.

Dont grief players by placing signs or other objects to lock someone inside their house.

Keep the chat clean and friendly, no racism/sexism/harassment.

Play fair, its an early access game, and dont abuse buggs/glitches to ruin someone elses experience!

Enjoy the server guys! :)

Exzear Admin Nice to see we have a server now, will go in and check it out! ...

We have been playing ARK for about a week now, and even if our numbers are not very impressive, it has been alot of fun!

I have decided to stick with the game among with my other games i am currently playing and there for also opend up the ARK recruiting to the public and hope that we can get some new blood in our Tribe.

We are not(yet?) hosting our own server and playing on a unofficial EU server.

Do YOU wish to join us on our adventures in the jungle and help us establish a base, go and apply to us now and use the ARK aplication template! Hope to see you in-game! :)

Life is Feudal:Your Own - Recrutement Open!

We have now started to recruit new players to our LiF section.( Read more here! )
Please feel free to let me know if you think we should add/change something.

We are going to try and recruit up to about 30+ members asap, and then slow down the process and let everyone get to know eachother and not grow to big, to fast.

We will also strive to get an even balance in what proffessions players are willing to pick up and learn, and also try to get a good balance of what players want as a mastery in PvP combat.

Other then that, we have a server where we can chill out, build/farm and get to know eachother while we also get deeper and futher down the progress of this game.
The server is optimised to be as much as the MMO version of the game as possible, the only thing that i have changed is the amount of skillpoints we have. This is only so that we all can get all skills and proffessions we want, just so that everyone get a chanse to learn each and every skill/proffession before the MMO version is relesed.

Server can be found in the server list, and it´s named:
"TheUnmatched.com - Started 01/06/15! Legit rates ONLY!"

Hope to see you there shortly!

Community page is finaly online!

Xirez Admin posted Jun 8, 15

Our new site is finaly live and we can start rolling as "The Unmatched" internationaly instead of "Norse Gaming" in the nordic regions!

This is just a quick first post, and i will be back with another update shortly!